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Ubi concordia, ibi victoria - Where there is unity, there is victory!

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We are the International Brotherhood Of Neutral Pyrates, aka The Pyrates Union

Welcome aboard the Pyrate Ship Neutral...

A place where Pyrates can be Pyrates without conflict, back stabbing or general contempt.
We be an easy going bunch who seek fun, frolick and a rum or two along the way.
Despite any rumours, we LIKE to make friends with other Pyrates
...and remain...well...neutral, to all matters that be considered "Pyrate politicks".
Of course, it also means we will defend the honour of our honourable members!

So climb aboard, grab a grog and set sail...there be places to see, Pyrates to meet and fun to be had!


The IBONP was formed September 1, 2007 by three Pyrates - Capt. John Swallow, QM Seika Hellbound and the late Capt. Blackie*. It all grew out of a need for fair treatment of Pyrates, annoyance with some unprofessional behaviour in the Pyrate community and the wish to create a focal point for all Pyrates to benefit from. We wished to avoid the "politics" that had seeped in to many a Pyrate crew and return to the true Pyrate ways of an equal share for all.
* Capt. Blackie had a battle with a Kraken, was dragged off & beleived lost for many years. He survived & continues to create magnificent things here, at a secret location in Brazil...

We are the world's only official Pyrates Union!

Capt. John Swallow
Capt. John Swallow
Pyrate Seika Hellbound
QM Seika Hellbound
giant squid
Capt. Blackie

Our Code:

  • serve the best interests of the Pyrate community

  • consider all members part of an International Brotherhood; regardless of port of origin, other affiliations or coastal influence

  • provide a central point of contact for communication between members, festivals, events, suppliers, etc.

  • provide an open forum for members to discuss business, adventures, ideas, etc.

  • promote members and their respective talents through the site and to promote trade between them and to them

  • ensure that all members are treated equally and fairly at festivals and events and to endeavour to acquire member discounts whenever possible

  • create a resource and learning centre for members to find clothing, props, historical information and more

  • send communications to all members regarding events, promotions or other news of interest

  • arrange meetings for members at least once per year; potentially in conjunction with one of the larger events


Our members include Pyrates from many ports - and we work together to promote events, merchants and opportunities that all can enjoy and benefit from. We also keep a weather eye for those who would do harm to others - and spread the word that they are to be avoided (or fired a warning shot across the bow).



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