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Ubi concordia, ibi victoria - Where there is unity, there is victory!

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In order to go on account (as it were) we be needin' some information from ye, as well as yer agreement to the following:

The aforementioned Pyrate agrees to uphold the code of conduct - no backstabbing, conflicts or general contempt. Offenders will be marooned (no rum, no bullet, no hat).

Our main purpose is to try and give everyone a fair share regardless of point of origin, affiliations or coastal influence. If ye can abide that, we require an introductory membership fee of but one doubloon ($8.00 US) and the following information:

  • Yer Legal Name
  • Yer Pyrate Name
  • Yer Date Of Birth (Pyrates under the age of 16 must have a letter of marque from their parent or guardian...besides, we just want to celebrate yer birthdays!)
  • Full Address Of Yer Home Port
  • Valid Email Address
  • Phone Number

We are also requesting a photo of each member - preferably head/shoulders only and in decent size and resolution (at least 300x300 pixels) with a neutral background. If ye don't have one, have a mate take it with yer back to a wall or such.

** BE AWARE: we collect this information only for use in the Pyrates Union log, for purposes of contacting ye and for allowing ye access to member benefits. We will not share yer personal information with anyone without yer permission - though we will endeavour to promote the fact that we have members willing to appear, perform or otherwise participate in events, festivals and fundraisers and will use your contact information to put ye in touch with those askin'.

Fees are payable by PayPal or Credit Card. Upon receipt of yer information and payment, your sequentially numbered Union card will be printed, laminated and mailed out to you. Ye'll get occasional emails regarding special events, festivals and members only benefits. Contact us for more info...

Fair winds and following seas,
Capt. John Swallow
QM Seika Hellbound


Yer Full Name
Address O' Home Port



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